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Holy shit.

I spent the last half hour roaming around the internet trying to figure out why I was not getting YouTube Manager invitations!

I am helping a buddy of mine with some YouTube account management and this particular part made be super annoyed. Annoyed enough to write a quick blog post.

This might be the simplest blog post I have ever written on Greymask.

In fact, I am doing it simply to AMPLIFY the signal so you don’t have to waste more time.

I am also using Google Apps/GSuite, so I thought that was the problem.

PROBLEM: Someone sent you a YouTube Account Manager invitation, but you are not receiving it.

SOLUTION: Presuming you are the recipient of the invitation, simply go to and click on PENDING INVITATIONS.

That’s it.

How to solve not receiving YouTube manager invitations












P.S: Things change rapidly in the world of YouTube/Google, so this solution may have stopped working. I can confirm that, as of today (March 26th 2017), this works.