How to properly format PDF’s for your Kindle Touch

Recently got a Kindle Touch. I got the one with Special Offers (cheaper) knowing that I could modify it to remove the advertisements..but so far, I am actually inclined not remove them because — I find the ads to be fairly useful and unobtrusive.

Great device.

At the moment, I am not planning on purchasing any Kindle books – in fact my main use for it would be PDF’s and free reading materials.

The only issue with this device is subpar PDF support. I mean, it opens PDF files fine, but you cannot really zoom or adjust the text size of the PDF’s within the kindle like you could with MOBI (kindle format) files. Basically, I need the eyesight of a fucking eagle to read them.

What’s the use in that?

Not cool. These are the tools I use to make my PDF reading experience smoother:

The Tools

I use Abby Fine Reader and Calibre almost exclusively.

1.) First I run my PDF’s through Abby’s optical character recognition to convert it to HTML..

2.) ..then I use Calibre to convert it to MOBI. That’s it.

Works on Old PDF’s with Double Pages

So let’s say you have a old PDF with multiple pages in each page like this:

In this case, I would use Briss (command line java app) to split the pages into individual pages then run Abby for OCR followed by Calibre for the final MOBI conversion.

This tool has also been fairly helpful in converting PDF’s to MOBI format. Also, be sure to get Send To Kindle – this will actually let you print articles/blog posts/erotica directly onto a newly installed “Kindle Printer” which will in turn automatically send it to your Kindle for your reading pleasure.

8/27/2013: Update — I am also using k2pdfopt with GREAT results for viewing PDF’s on the kindle. This tool does a hell of a job increasing the text size properly in PDF’s for easy viewing on the kindle. Check it out.

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  1. Hi there! Another free tool that you might find useful for conversions is and it makes pdf files to eReader friendly formats such as mobi or epub, depending on your needs! Cheers


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