Convert a bin/cue into an ISO (or rip it to MP3) in OS X

I recently came across several bin/cue files on my OS X machine and realized that it’s a huge pain in the ass to convert these to an ISO image.

These directions will show you how to convert bin/cue files into an ISO image on a Mac OS X – including, how to convert a bin/cue AUDIO CD to a bunch of MP3 tracks.


Step 1: Download and unzip (go here for the latest version/original source)

Step 2: After unzipping, copy the bchunk executable into a temporary directory – preferably into the same location as your bin/cue files. This way, after you are all done, you can simply delete it.

Step 3: Open up a Terminal window and navigate to that directory.

Then make bchunk executable by issuing this command:

sudo chmod a+x bchunk

Step 4: Now we are going to actually convert those pesky bin/cue file(s) into an ISO Image.

Simply run bchunk by issuing the following command:

bchunk file.BIN file.CUE outputfile

Note: file.BIN and file.CUE reflect the bin/cue files you are trying to convert.

That will give us something like:

binchunker for Unix, version 1.2.0 by Heikki Hannikainen Created with the kind help of Bob Marietta , partly based on his Pascal (Delphi) implementation.
Support for MODE2/2352 ISO tracks thanks to input from
Godmar Back, Colas Nahaboo
and Matthew Green.
Released under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later (at your option).
Reading the CUE file:
Track 1: MODE1/2352 01 00:00:00
Writing tracks:
1: outputfile.iso 685/685 MB [********************] 100 %

Note: If you are missing a cue file, you will have to create a CUE file manually.

Step 5: Party like a rockstar in your underpants.

That’s it!


Help! bchunk is generating a bunch of .cdr files instead of a ISO file!

I kept getting a bunch of .cdr files initially. This was because my image was a multitrack Audio/Data disc. If you are faced with the same problem, you have two options.

You can either use bin2iso (get the entire toolset here) to convert the bin/cue image into a single ISO


…simply use the -w flag in bchunk to generate a bunch of .WAV files.

I used the latter because using bin2iso kept giving me broken ISO’s.

So, basically, you would use:

bchunk -w Image.bin Image.cue track

This will generate a bunch of track01.wav, track02.wav, track03.wav etc.. files which could be converted to MP3.

I hate iTunes and would recommend All2MP3 for all you OSX fanboys.

I know. I know. It’s a pain in the ass.

If you have a better method, I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Thank you! This works on linux too. bchunk can be installed with apt as well.


  2. Why in gods name would you go through all this? LOL just add .iso to .bin file (file.bin.iso) and drag it into the side window of disk utility.. DONE!


  3. Interesting, I think we can also convert image files between ISO / BIN and other formats with Power-iso If i’m not wrong.


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