Did The Huffington Post plagiarize an independent podcast?

One key difference between online media and traditional T.V networks is that anyone is able to expose corruption and infringement irrespective of having any media qualifications. Unfortunately, in the world of traditional news and journalism, better marketing almost always beats the truth. (See Shirley Sherrod story for example.)

The Huffington Post is arguably one of the biggest media outlets on the web and when behemoth outlets like Huffington Post engages in corruption, thievery, deception and downright copyright infringement, no one really has the time to discern truth from subterfuge.

There’s simply too much noise for any sane human being to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff..especially when news come at us at lightning speed.

Here’s the short version: The Huffington Post has potentially stolen and infringed the copyrights of a smaller independent podcast and released a new podcast with similar name(s) and content.

Here is a quick summary of events

1.) The Pool Raft story referenced in both podcasts first published on 06/11/2014.
2.) Weird News with Nathan & Shandi launches their first episode on 07/15/2014.
3.) The Huffington Post launches Hardcore Weird News on 10/17/2014.

Both podcasts discuss The Pool Raft story. The time markers are:

02:40 on Weird News with Nathan & Shandi

18:00 on Hardcore Weird History.

(Note: you can download the episodes on the respective websites above, if they go down for some reason, I will mirror them)

I am not quite sure if this is intentional thievery.

The only significant similarity I see is the coverage of the Pool Raft story by both podcasts.

Covering the same content on different media outlets is obviously fair game (otherwise, FOX couldn’t report on the same stories as NBC or CBS..which would be ridiculous), so that is not evidence for plagiarism.

It’s much more likely that Nathan & Shandi happened to stumble upon an easily accessible idea for producing a podcast and that it was merely a matter of time till The Huffington Post Weird News editors (Buck Wolf, Sebastian Murdock, Andres Jauregui and Andy Campbell) decided to make a podcast out of their OWN content.

The similarities in names also seem negligible.

I don’t see any foul play here..at least, that’s my preliminary conclusion.

Who knows?

But…if The Huffington Post guys intentionally stole the idea from Nathan & Shandi, that is clearly unacceptable.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to come to such conclusion.

If you do, I’d love to hear about it.

10/19/2014 UpdateAndy Campbell (one of the Editors at The Huffington Post Weird News) contacted me with the following response:

We’ve been covering the pool raft guy for years and have never heard of the other podcast.

  1. “But…if The Huffington Post guys intentionally stole the idea from Nathan & Shandi, that is clearly unacceptable.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to come to such conclusion.

    If you do, I’d love to hear about it.”

    The only thing I can conclude is that you are a hack blogger. You’re doing the Fox News thing, making a baseless accusation and disguising it as a story. “DId Obama allow that ebola nurse to fly and possibly infect 132 people?” The answer is NO, just like the answer to your question. Nice that you finally cop to the fact that you don’t know — at the bottom of this shitty excuse for an article.

    Blogging was supposed to give us easier access to information and give us all a voice but far too often all we get are idiots like D who really have nothing to say but want to pretend that they do. Go do your homework, D. You can write more bad articles in a few years when you’re out of high school.


    1. Julia-

      If you read the post carefully, you will realize that I am not making any [baseless] accusations, rather, I am simply asking a legitimate question with the intention of creating discussion about a potential issue in infringement.

      Given that you are quick on the trigger finger, I am shocked that you made it to the end of the post. Since when have you heard of a FOX reporter admitting to NOT knowing the facts?

      Thanks for the advice. I will consider it when I am done with my Geometry homework.

      I maybe a hack writer, but you my friend are a hack reader. Since we are both in similar camps, who knows, we might actually get along 🙂

      Hugs & Kisses,


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