February 2013

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I have been experimenting with the latest password cracking dictionary (by Defuse Security) these few weeks and I must say: I am thoroughly impressed.

The entire library is about 15GB and you can grab a copy here.

If you want to test drive the dictionary-library without downloading the entire thing, you can generate hashes(s) for a password then run those hashes against the cracker to see if they can be cracked.

For example, for the phrase: P@ssw0rd, the (abbreviated) hashes might look like this:

 md2     2cd3338ced2fe91054dcac02f97c2f98
 md4     a9e3e42d41bc4eaa0d16960c0100e745
 md5     8b8e9715d12e4ca12c4c3eb4865aaf6a
 sha1    f2a12f187ebb7080bd75aac9160214e6b1e49f7d

(note: As for hashing and security, I would personally stick to the whirlpool or sha512 algorithms)

Then, after we run it through the cracker, we get the result(s):

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Anyway, big thanks to Defuse for compiling this package – it’s immensely useful.