September 2012

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So, just a few hours ago AnonymousOwn3r apparently took down pretty much the entire GoDaddy infrastructure along with its millions of customers..and should I say…business *gasp* owners.

It’s a bit too early and fresh to conjure up any definite theories about how this happened – especially at this scale, but it’s certainly interesting. Moreover, it gives us a very tiny glimpse at the thought of the not-so-illusive notion of cyber warfare. 

My guess is that this has been in the works (ie: planning mode) for a long time by whoever actually executed it and it seems like there’s a bit more creativity involved here ..other than the standard DDOS methods – or maybe Godaddy is just too fucking stupid and deserves it. Who knows.

I’ll keep my ear to the street and update this if/when any news reaches me – Meanwhile, if you have a GoDaddy account, run the other direction.

Update: 9/13/2012: Apparently Godaddy is blaming the outage on corrupted router tables. Not only is this pure bullshit, It’s a very poor attempt at public relations by GoDaddy. This is obviously a security breach involving DoS/DDos and/or possible a SQL injection attack on their DNS interface. Nothing else makes much sense to me personally. I don’t know why everyone at Godaddy is so committed to this “internal router table corruption” story – other than the obvious motivation to minimize bad press.